Episode Two blog by Hannah Pike

InSecurity – Hannah Pike blog

I think the storylining came quite easily and quickly, once we had the characters and precinct set up. We really seemed to bash out a bunch of scenarios and attach them to episodes quite quickly. What proved tricky, much trickier, right up until final drafts was the nitty gritty of how the rival security teams were monitoring their success, and how that was being monitored by the big boss – all those creative kill joys like why wouldn’t they all just get laid off if the mall was struggling?, why would Lenny stick at it?, and then you start criticising it all, thinking it’s a pants idea etc etc. So the point of it – the big jeopardy questions and structure of this working establishment really pecked our heads the most.

I like getting notes, albeit these came from one producer, so I was lucky! I like to see where my story isn’t making sense to the reader/viewer – it’s like finding out where some pieces of my jigsaw had been shoved into spaces clearly not for them. However, I also found with some of the notes that I just needed to stand firm and get them to come to me i.e. the fashion road show was a concept that the women around the table totally got – we’ve all watched Gok’s Fashion Fix and/or been to shopping centres as kids and seen this set up, but the lads were non the wiser – so weighing up what to keep firm on, and what to readdress was interesting.

Being on location made me realise I should maybe consider some kind of ‘control’ therapy! I wanted to get in there, see what was being shot, talk to some of the actors about delivery, direct basically – I’d have been popular wouldn’t I?! I also realised that I’d created a bit of a shooting monster – crowd scenes, a toddler and quite a large cast for an 8 min episode, and I soon realised that was proving quite stressful for the team. I nearly signed off without a note on the amazing Bury shopping centre – our central location! It was totally as I imagined our mall, and also meant I could pick up some black puddings on the way home. Nice one.

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