Episode Three blog by Luke Bailey


Initially, I want to express what a keen adventure creating In Security was. Hopefully I am correct in assuming this was the case for BBC Writers Room, Salford University, the team behind the show: the staff and students who produced, designed, shot, created and edited the drama. Being fortunate enough to travel along the project door to door, the growth of craft and understanding was evident in all who traversed this bridge. As for myself, the writer in me learnt a great deal about his weaknesses and hopefully in the future can employ them as strengths; the actor in me found the surface amidst the ocean’s abysmal pitch.

To the untrained eye, I probably just seem greedy, writing and performing in a show I helped create, however I should reveal that at the inception of this web-series I wasn’t expecting to play Lenny. Both then and now, the idea of performing in my own production doesn’t really settle with me creatively; this isn’t directly because of my experience of In Security; it’s not purely a matter of my responsibility as a writer conflicting with my responsibility as an actor – the line of impartiality and objectivity in the former, blurring the overwhelming empathy in the latter – the restriction of subjectivity.

Being a big fan of shows like: The Simpsons, The Wire, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, I expect the diamond of storytelling is forged through the compression of many minds cognitions; interpretation should be embellished, with respect to In Security, by a producer, then director and subsequently the actors in order to impart the myriad of subtleties of the human condition.

So when (about a week before we were due to shoot) I was asked to play Lenny it was with a kind of creative reluctance that I said: ‘yes’. Truth be told, the actor in me has an blinding ego and can never see anyone playing any character with more honesty than himself, a cause of much argument between the actor me and writer me. Eventually the bullying actor in me, cried to the writer in me: ‘the time and effort you invested in Lenny has nourished me [the actor], I know what makes him tick.’ and after the, let’s face it, more athletic actor in me, got the reclusive writer in me, into a Boston Crab, the writer tapped out, he’s parting words: ‘Don’t do a shit job!’ Hopefully he hasn’t. Hopefully neither did.

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